Hello, World!

I’m a freelancer that can help you with SEO, Web Analytics, SEA, Growth strategies. Based in London, I’ve helped agencies, media websites, start-ups and eCommerce achieve their goals. See below for examples and references.
— François Joly



Audit, onsite and offsite optimisation, log analysis, editorial strategy (not the writing)



Implementation and optimisation of ROI and Long Tail oriented campaigns

Google Analytics

Tagging plan, data audit, dashboard design, Google analytics configuration and Google Tag Manager


Project management, Inbound, QA / reception.

More than 50 clients over the years

From a couple of hours to multi-year projects.




Digital / Web Analyst, Shelter UK

Excellent SEO specialist with very deep technical knowledge


VP , iProspect France

François’ help was very valuable during the redesign of our site. SEO, SEM, Google Analytics, all kinds of shenanigans: it’s simple: he knows how to do everything. (pro bono)


Head of the digital division, Greenpeace

François is a very experienced SEO expert. His recommendations are precise and understandable by all internal stakeholders in the “SEO chain”. I recommend 100%!


Ecommerce Project Manager, Adidas Group

Where to find me

Last SEO & Analytics articles

R apps for SEOs

Dear SEOs, I've made app that you migh find useful CTR by Average Position The first app computes Google Search Queries CTR by Average Position. 👉 With a big website it looks like this Green is the average per position, red dots are...

SEO Crawling & metadata extraction with R & RCrawler

It will be a long article so I added a Table of content 👇 Fancy, right? Table Of ContentsCrawl an entire website with RcrawlerThe INDEX variableHTML FilesSo how to extract metadata while crawling?Explore Crawled Data with rpivottableExtract more data without having to...

Crawling with R’ using rvest package

If you want to crawl a couple of URLs for SEO purposes, there are many many ways to do it but one of the most reliable and versatile packages you can use is rvest Here is a simple demo from the package documentation using the IMDb website:...

Export your data from R’

R' and RStudio are great but sometimes it's better the just export your data to exploit them elsewhere or just show them to other people. Here is a review of possible techniques: Export your data into a CSV assuming your data is store inside df var, fairly simple:...

Perform automatic browser tests with Selenium & R!

Selenium is a very classic tool for QA and it can help perform automatic checks on a website. This is an intro of how to use it:The first step is, as always, to install and load the RSelenium package [crayon-62fceba8adfef082435235/] We'll launch a selenium server with...

Hunt down keyword cannibalization using R’

What the hell is keyword cannibalization? if you put a lot of articles out there, at some point, some article will compete with one another for the same keywords in Google result pages. it's what SEO people call 'keyword cannibalization'. Does it matter SEO wise?...

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