Universal Analytics (analytics.js)

Tag sends a hit on the url /collect, here is the meaning of the parameters


Parameters Meaning in English Example
a ??
cd1 Custom Dimension
cid Client ID 17444485575.14222271155
de Document Encoding UTF-8
dl Document location URL http://www.website.io/test.html
dp Document Path /foo
dr Document Referrer
dt Document Title Accueil – Mon site
fl Flash Version 20.0 r
je Java Enabled 0
jid “Display Join Beacon” for linking analytics with the double click cookie source: Simo 60036755
sd Screen Colors 24-bit
sr Screen Resolution 1280×800
t Track Type. Must be one of ‘pageview’, ‘screenview’, ‘event’, ‘transaction’, ‘item’, ‘social’, ‘exception’, ‘timing’. pageview
tid Tracking ID / Web Property ID UA-20202-14
ul User Language en-us

Classic Google Analytics (ga.js)

Tag sends a hit on the url /r/__utm.gif, here is the meaning of the parameters

Parameters Meaning in English Example
utmac Account ID UA-1202056-1
utmcc Analytics Cookie string “utmcc contains the combined strings of the __utma and __utmz Google Analytics cookies. This string is URL encoded.
utmcs Character set ISO-88­59-1
utmdt Page title
utmfl Flash version
utmhid Hit ID, random number
utmhn Hostname apps.google.com
utmht that’s the timestamp, in milliseconds since the UNIX epoch.
utmipc eCommerce – Product code / SKU
utmipn eCommerce – Product name E-commerce – Nom du produit
utmipr eCommerce – Product price
utmiqt eCommerce – Quantity
utmiva eCommerce – Product category / variation
utmje Java enabled? (1 = yes, 0 = no)
utmjid Display Join Beacon? for linking analytics with the double click cookie. If you’ve enabled display advertising (for e.g. demographic data etc.) your hits will be recycled through the doubleclick servers, and this id is used to join the data together.
utmn Random ID to prevent gif caching
utmp P Page path
utmr F Full referral URL
utmredir redirection?
utms Requests made this session (max. 500)
utmsc Screen colour depth (e.g. 24-bit)
utmsr Screen resolution
utmt Request type (e.g. ‘event’, ‘tran’ etc…) event
utmtci Billing City
utmtco Billing Country
utmtid Order ID The utmtid order ID must be unique for each order, otherwise Google Analytics will group multiple transactions under a single entry. All monetary fields should be filled in without a currency symbol, e.g.: 12.50
utmtrg Billing Region
utmtsp Shipping cost
utmtst Store name
utmtto Order Total (inc. tax and shipping)
utmttx Tax cost
utmu C lient usage / Error data (encoded)
utmul Language code (e.g. en-us)
utmvp Viewport resolution
utmwv Tracking code version
v Protocol Version
vp ????
z ????
_r ????
_s ????
_u ????
_ut ma
_ut mht
_ut mz
_v ????
aip Anonymize IP